General Terms and Conditions for Comic-Con Prague

Comic-Con Prague is organised by Comic-Con s.r.o., which is run by a team from the non-profit group, SFK Avalon. This company annually organises the Festival fantazie, PragoFFest, and other pop-culture festivals. SFK Avalon runs these events alongside Active Radio s.r.o. and its No Limits team, which has organised hundreds of various events.

The sale of photographs and autographs with guests at Comic-Con Prague is facilitated by the sale of vouchers with a unique code (hereafter referred to as “Vouchers”). Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. take responsibility for this sale, and its headquarters are on Bílkova 855/19, Staré Město, 110 00 Praha 1, IČ 08268690.

A. General information

1. These general terms and cancellation conditions (hereafter referred to as “Sales conditions”) set the rules for the purchase of vouchers for photography and autographs at Comic-Con Prague 2021. This purchase will take place on the Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. online shop, which can be found using the link By conducting a purchase, you agree to these Sales conditions and promise to follow them.

2. By purchasing vouchers, you are required to respect the Rules of Participation at Comic-Con Prague and the Rules for visitors at O2 universum, which is where Comic-Con Prague 2021 will take place between the 15th and the 17th October

3. As organisers, we reserve the right to change guests, the event program, dates, and the location of the event. By carrying out this purchase, you take this right into consideration.

4. Comic-Con Prague is in no way responsible for the validity and legitimacy of vouchers purchased outside of the aforementioned online shop. Purchased vouchers must be safely stored in any form, never openly show them and exhibit them. If you decide to publish them, you risk someone else abusing the voucher code. This may prevent you from gaining the product that you ordered at Comic-Con Prague 2021.

5. As part of the experience, you will obtain a gif: either a photograph or an autograph.

B. Purchase of Vouchers

1. Vouchers are sold solely in electronic form, which is sent to customers’ email addresses through the internet.
2. The prices of individual vouchers are given on Comic-Con Prague 2021’s website, and the definitive prices can be found on the online store. Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. reserves the right to change the prices.
3. The type and amount of vouchers are determined by Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. in relation to the capacity of the event and its guests. We will not sell more vouchers than the venue will permit.
4. The voucher is not enough to ensure the desired experience can go ahead. A valid ticket to Comic-Con Prague 2021 for your designated day is also required.
5. The price of the voucher consists of the price of the experience, whether it be taking a photograph or autograph, and VAT. The price includes a physical record of your experience: a photograph or an autograph. Should your purchase of a voucher require the photograph or autograph to be sent to a certain address, Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. will add the cost of transferring the voucher to the overall cost (due to packing and postage costs). Vouchers will not be sent using cash on delivery.
6. Due to paragraph 1837j of the civil code, you may not rescind your purchase of the voucher, as stipulated by paragraph 1829 of the civil code. This means that you cannot rescind your purchase from the contract for a period of 14 days without given reason (this is otherwise given with other online purchases). The reason for this is that in this case, the contract refers to the use of spare time and other added activities (tickets to Comic-Con Prague 2021 allow participation in photograph and autograph sessions, with a valid voucher). Moreover, the activity occurs on a certain date or time period. Therefore, the law does not give the customer permission to rescind the contract in the aforementioned way.
7. Vouchers for photography and autographs at Comic-Con Prague 2021 are not primarily meant to be re-sold or touted. Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. sells vouchers to people who are interested in participating in photo or autograph sessions at Comic-Con Prague 2021. It does not, however, wish for the vouchers to become items to be sold on second-hand. We must warn you, therefore, that measures may be taken with the aim of preventing the unwanted re-selling of vouchers.
8. Practical conditions and information:
- Purchased vouchers are transferrable to another person only before use.
- Vouchers permit entry to photo sessions and autograph sessions until the venue’s capacity has been reached. This is set by the organisers. Vouchers are not a ticket to Comic-Con Prague. They must be accompanied by a purchased ticket.
- Vouchers will be exchanged for vouchers relating to a photography or autograph session for a specific time frame on the Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. website during January and the beginning of February 2021, in accordance with the capacity of the venue. If the buyer does not exchange their voucher for a time-allocated voucher, the organiser will assign a time for photographs or autographs and will send the code for the time-allocated voucher by e-mail.
- Vouchers for a specific time allocation will be scanned upon entry to photo sessions and autograph sessions at Comic-Con Prague 2021. The QR code can be scanned only once, afterwards, the ticket becomes void for that given day and it is impossible to use it again.

C. Cancellation conditions

1. In the event that vouchers or time-allocated vouchers do not arrive by e-mail after the time allocation has been completed, please contact
2. You cannot request a refund for any vouchers for photographs or autographs at Comic-Con Prague 2021 that have not been purchased in the Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. online store.
3. The purchased price of a voucher or any other sum that you must pay in relation to the purchase of vouchers cannot be refunded, unless it has been explicitly agreed otherwise.
4. In the event that Comic-Con Prague 2021 is cancelled or a guest cancels their participation in Comic-Con Prague 2021, the buyer has the right to a full refund for their purchase. The buyer does not possess the right to a refund for postage and packaging costs.
5. In the event that the conditions for entry into the O2 universum building are not upheld, the right to a refund for the purchase of vouchers becomes void.
6. Purchased vouchers are non-transferrable. In the event that they are damaged, ruined, lost or stolen, your old ticket will not be replaced with a new one and you will not be compensated.
7. All refunds and other questions which exceed the remit of the General conditions must be sent by e-mail to this address:, or in written form to this address: hotel Fantasie, Riegrova 6, 58301, Chotěboř.

D. Final provisions

1. If any of the provisions of these General conditions were to be voided, the legitimacy of other conditions remains untouched.
2. In the event that a consumer dispute should occur between Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. and you, the consumer, regarding the sale of a voucher for photographs or autographs at Comic-Con Prague 2021 (organised by Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. or in relation to the organisation or progression of the event), which cannot be agreed mutually, you can apply for an out-of-court settlement for such a dispute at the Czech Trade Inspection, Central Inspection’s ADR department, situated on Štěpánská 15, 120 00 Prague 2. Its email address is:, its website: You can also use the online platform for solving disputes, which is run by the European Commission, using the website: The same applies should a consumer dispute occur between yourself and Ticketmaster.
3. Comic-Con Prague s.r.o. reserves the right to update these General conditions.

Comic-Con Prague s.r.o.