Detailed description of the purchase

The procedure for getting a great experience with guests of Comic-Con Prague is easy:

1. Buy a ticket using Ticketmaster for the selected day (days) of Comic-Con Prague. Be sure to check the guest attendance on each day before doing so.

2. Select here in the e-shop
- who you want to make photoshooting with and on what day (Photo with a guest at con)
- whose you want (on whatever) and what day (Autograph of guest at con)
- if you want a photo from a movie, a series or a civilian (Photo of guest for autograph)
- if you want to send via mail a guest's autograph on a photo from a movie, a series or a civilian (Autograph + guest photo via mail)
- if you want to meet the guest, selfie, autograph and refreshments in the backstage.
Click the selected or multiple items.

3. Fill in the billing and delivery information, if applicable, and pay. You will receive an email order confirmation and codes.

4. Return here one week before convention, enter your code and select a specific time for taking photos or signing. You will receive the QR code by email to prove your right to photograpf and autograph at Comi-Con Prague. If you select the item Guest Photo for signature, you will receive a QR code to pick up the photo at Comic-Con Prague.

5. Come to Comic-Con Prague with a entry ticket. Pick up the guest's photos for autographs at Comic-Con Prague reception, if you have ordered them. Get to the zone with photography and signing within the specified time and show your QR code from this e-shop.

More details:
  • Photoshooting with the guest will be at least twice a day (2x half an hour), signing several times by hour.

  • If you want multiple photos/autographs with one guest, you can adjust the number in your shopping cart.

  • You get a photo when you leave the shooting location (about a minute). The size of the photo is 20x25 cm.

  • A guest can sign the subject you bring (DV, poster, figure, comics, ...), but can refuse.

  • If you do not choose a time in January, it will be assigned to you a few days in advance, and you will receive an email notification.

  • Changing the time selection will also be possible on the spot - re-enter the code and make the change. The selection can be limited.

  • If you do not arrive by your deadline, your photo or signing rights will be forfeited, and money will not be refunded.