Detailed description of the purchase

The procedure for getting a great experience with guests of Comic-Con is easy:

1. Buy a ticket using Ticketmaster for the selected day (days) of Comic-Con. Be sure to check the guest attendance on each day before doing so.

2. Select here in the e-shop
- who you want to make photoshooting with and on what day (Photo with a guest at con)
- whose you want (on whatever) and what day (Autograph of guest at con)
- if you want a photo from a movie, a series or a civilian (Photo of guest for autograph)
- if you want to send via mail a guest's autograph on a photo from a movie, a series or a civilian (Autograph + guest photo via mail)
- if you want to meet the guest, selfie, autograph and refreshments in the backstage.
Click the selected or multiple items.

3. Fill in the billing and delivery information, if applicable, and pay. You will receive an email order confirmation and codes.

4. Return here one week before convention, enter your code and select a specific time for taking photos or signing. You will receive the QR code by email to prove your right to photograpf and autograph at actual Comic-Con. If you select the item Guest Photo for signature, you will receive a QR code to pick up the photo at actual Comic-Con.

5. Come to actual Comic-Con with a entry ticket. Pick up the guest's photos for autographs at Comic-Con special booth in Photo&Autograph Zone, if you have ordered them. Get to the zone with photography and signing within the specified time and show your QR code from this e-shop. Photo & autograph area is on the 1st floor. That's the floor below street level because the floor with the street entrance is actually the 2nd floor!

6. If you want signature verification, when you sign you ask the actor's assistant to verify the signature, the assistant will stick the hologram on the back of the photo with the signature or on the bottom of the item, etc. There is a designated signature verification booth next to the signature booths. Verification of the autograph is only possible when the autograph is obtained, not afterwards. There are two options. 1. Free verification = sticker affixed, stamped and signed. 2. Prepaid verification with certificate = lawyer checks the hologram, verifies the QR code of verification with the certificate, retrieves your corresponding autograph QR code, makes an entry in our database, prints the label with the code, affixes it to the photo/object, adds the signature and stamp and gives you the certificate of authenticity of the autograph. Anyone who wants to verify the authenticity of the autograph will scan the code and check its authenticity in our database. Autographs can also be sold, the database record can be updated to show the new owner of the autograph.

More details:
  • Photoshooting with the guest will be at least twice a day (2x half an hour), signing several times by half an hour.

  • If you want multiple photos/autographs with one guest, you can adjust the number in your shopping cart.

  • Up to two persons can be photographed per photography voucher (however old the child = person).

  • One autograph is included per voucher for signing.

  • You get a photo when you leave the shooting location (about a minute). The size of the photo is 20x25 cm.

  • A guest can sign the subject you bring (DV, poster, figure, comics, ...), but can refuse.

  • If you do not select a time before the start of the first photo shoot, signing and meeting of the relevant guest and at the same time the other time slots are filled, your right to the photo shoot or signing or meeting will be forfeited and no refund will be given. In other words - don't leave it to the last minute, you may miss a single available time slot.

  • Changing the time selection will also be possible on the spot - re-enter the code and make the change. The selection can be limited.

  • If you do not do not attend by your time slot, you forfeit your right to a photo shoot or autograph or meeting, money is non-refundable.

  • If a photo, autograph, Meet & Greet or specific time slot is not offered, they are sold out or taken and cannot be obtained on-site.